At present Rangpur Dental College has got permission to admit foreign students and is proud to host students from SAARC countries. For last three sessions we have good numbers of students from India, Nepal and Maldives.

Rangpur Dental College serves students with the variety of educational ethnic and religious background. We incorporate a global perspective into our mission of training students to work in a world of economy.

Rangpur Dental College campus offers a rich cultural diversity through a range of activities geared towards international students. The process of admission on these seats would be expedited and complete earlier date to enable those selected for admission to arrange for their Visa and complete other formalities to be in time to start the studies in the college.


Passed ‘O’ level/SLC/Equivalent Examination.

Passed ‘A’ level/HSEB/Equivalent Examination.

After conversion of marks of the best five subjects of ‘O’ level/SLC/Equivalent and marks of Biology, Chemistry & Physics of ‘A’ level/HSEB/Equivalent exams, total marks must be GPA 8.0 with minimum GPA 3.0 in Biology of HSC or Equvalent and not less than GPA 3.5 in any of the either examination.

Admission of Foreign Student will not be allowed unless or otherwise equivalent certificate is to be scrutinized and accepted by the equivalence committee of Health Directorate.


List of finally selected candidates will be duly notified in the College notice board. The finally selected candidates shall have to get admission by the announced date and time. Otherwise their selection may be cancelled and the vacant place will be filled up by the candidates in the waiting list.


Tuition fees with VAT and all other fees payable at the time of admission will be notified in the College notice board. All payments are to be made in full at the time of admission.

Total Cost of 4 (Four) Years BDS Course
For Foreign Students in terms of U. S Dollar
Session: 2011-2012

1Development FeeOne time fees$ 8,150.00
2Admission FeeAdmission & other fee$ 750.00
3Yearly Session Fee300 × 3years$ 900.00
Tuition Fee Monthly1st & 2nd year
3rd & 4th year
80 × 24 months$ 1920.00
85 × 24 months$ 2040.00
6Hostel Fee (Utensil Fee)25 × 48 months$ 1,200.00
6University Registration$ 100.00
Total Cost for Residential BDS Foreign Students for 4 Years$15,060.00


All students are required to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Colleges. Non adherence to these rules and regulations make the students liable to disciplinary action which may range from warning to expulsion from the College. Students of Rangpur Dental College are forbidden to organize political union, association or society other than those set up by the authority in order to enrich their physical, intellectual, social and ethical development.

The candidates and their parents or guardians are required to sign bonds on non-judicial stamp regarding the terms and conditions of study conduct and discipline during admission into the College.


All payments made at the time of admission are non-refundable and even after cancellation of admission. any student seeking to leave the college in any time after admission will have to pay an additional amount of bd tk. 75,000/- (seventy five thousand) only as compensation to the college.


To Complete the Medical and dental study, Students of Rangpur Dental College may avail the Bank Loan facilities under the Guarantee of the college authority.